RTK GPS base station

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Skytraq released a cheap GPS board that is able to output raw measurements. That makes it suitable for use with RTKLIB and allowed me to build my own stationary GPS base station for around 150€. This is a quarter of the cost of the previous cheapest solution I had found and only a small percentage of the price that one would pay for a commercial RTK base station.

RTK GPS basestation

RTK GPS basestation controller

and closeup of the antenna (Satmar-FME):
closeup of the GPS antenna

I will write another post describing how accurate this setup is once I have had a chance to test it better.

3 thoughts on “RTK GPS base station

  1. Thomas

    So have you been able to get a fix? And what is the actual accuracy, how long it lasts, how reliable it is?

  2. hadara Post author

    how time flies…

    I haven’t still gotten around to testing it in any reasonable depth. I did get a fix but it took a really long time (20-30 minutes if I remember correctly).
    If you have any specific tests in mind let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    I have no good ideas on simple GPS accuracy testing beyond method that is described in http://bsd.ee/~hadara/blog/?p=934

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