2 thoughts on “another step towards greenhouse automation

  1. ketas

    Looks like this ditch can hold two conduits, even with some space between them. But I bet you installed just one 😛

    I’d even put water pipe between them. Needs care when winter comes but you can have water there. From rainwater collection tank, well, drilled well or water mains, whatever you have… preferably in that exact order.

    Good luck 🙂

    I may want to visit you there one day… just out of curiosity, as distances in Estonia are so small.

  2. hadara Post author

    Yes I installed only one conduit. It has a diameter of 5cm so it has enough space for all the cables that I could possibly want to get into the greenhouse and then some.

    Water is actually coming in from the other side, where I have a rainwater collection tank with a submersible pump that is controlled from the greenhouse.

    as for visiting… yeah come on over. Almost any weekend will do, just let me know on the IRC.

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